Friday, November 27, 2009

Deepermotions Music Podcast - November 2009 with guest Jamie Thinnes

Deepermotions Music Podcast - November 2009 with guest Jamie Thinnes


1. STP
What We Feel
i Records

2. Dj Yellow presents Mindz Kontrol Ultra
Freerange Records

3. Sascha Dive
Deep Vibes

4.Jerome Sydenham
Brooklyn Rock

5. Luna City Express
Diamonds & Pearls
Moon Harbour

6. Art Of Tones featuring Jaw
Call The Shots (Llorca Naive Dub Mix)
2020 Vision Records


1. Rednail
I Think Of You
White Label

2. Amberflame
Rise Hour (Jimpster Mix)

3. Allen Hoist
Lost & Found Sessions (Greg Gauthier & Tony L Mix)
Soul Lab

4. The Deep
Dom Dom 05 (Frankie Feliciano Mix)
Deeply Rooted House

5. DJ Romain Feat Darryl D’ Bonneau
It’s The Spirit (83 West Mix)
Nu Faze

6. Kem
Without You
Restricted Access

7. Greg Gauthier & Tony L
Dance Culture
DeeperMotions Podomatic

Friday, November 06, 2009

FACT mix 88: Traxx

Traxx (Nation Records) - FACT Mix 88 - October 2009 by R_co

FACT’s latest exclusive mix comes from the man with the best real name in dance music, Melvin Oliphant III. You probably known him as DJ Traxx.

Traxx is one of the strongest adherents to, and evolvers of, the Chicago house sound. This month he releases a blinding new album, Faith, for his own Chi-town-based Nation label, which shows just how distinctive he's grown as an artist while keeping the original box jam aesthetic alive. His career really kicked off in 2001; over the years he's worked under his given name as well as Traxx, Mysterio and XX Art, and he's recorded for International Deejay Gigolo an Crème Organization, collaborating with people like Green Velvet, Jamal Moss, DJ Hell and Legowelt - and building up a sizeable cult following along the way. Tad Mullinix, better known as Dabrye and James T. Cotton, offers this ringing endorsement:

"Traxx is possibly my favorite DJ in the world. And while many DJs can't successfully execute their ideals in their own productions, his music is exactly the kind of amazing stuff that he would spin. His overwhelming passion for great music comes through in his production. The pinnacle of his art, whether he is DJing or producing, is his ability to seize the moment and make crucial changes only when they are necessary. His art is not just a 'back to basics' approach, but a refinement of styles that have been abandoned for music with slick transitions and needless ornamentation. This is Jakbeat in its rawest form."

FACT Mix 88, which Traxx put together exclusively for us using only vinyl, is a fine illustration of Traxx's musical animus. As well as a liberal supply of jacking acid house, techno and electro, there are also gripping diversions into EBM, industrial and synth-pop; tellingly he opens the mix with Chris & Cosey's recent remix of Excepter. The resulting mix is heavy, loud, intense and riotously entertaining; it will stir even the most jaded house fan.

Alas, Melvin has declined to provide us with a tracklisting, but we’re sure you’ll recognize a couple of bits here, and, well, it just adds to the mystery, doesn’t it? A free bagel or something to anyone who reckons they can I.D. more than 70% of the jams.

Fact Magazine

Nathan Fake - We Fear Silence Border Community Night Studio Mix (29-10-09)

Nathan Fake - We Fear Silence Mix October 2009 by wefearsilence

01.) Ceephax Acid Crew - Credick
02.) Avus - Darkness Visible
03.) Boards of Canada - Korona
04.) Bochum Welt - CH Riot On Proxima Centauri
05.) 7oi - Byrjunartónninn
06.) Piroth - Dance Closer (N.Fake Remix)
07.) Operator - 7 Years Over A Mirror
08.) Starting Teeth - Venom (N.Fake Remix)
09.) Drexciya - Drexciyen Star Chamber
10.) Orbital - Planet Of The Shapes
11.) Gold Panda - Back Home
12.) Gescom - A1
13.) Kode9 - Black Sun
14.) Rustie - Zigzag
15.) Luke Abbott - B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B
16.) Clark - Farewell Mining Town

Nathan Fake