Friday, May 09, 2008

Milton Jackson @ K4 Ljubljana Slovenija 30-Apr-2008

01. Johnwaynes - Retouch (Llorca Remix)
02.Sebo K - Far Out
03.Jimpster - Got A Hold On Your Soul
03.Ken Ishii - Sunriser [Spirit Catcher]
04.Chaim - Very Wrong
05.Mountain People 5,1
06.Lauhaus - Bitchslap
07.Kevin Saunderson - Pump The Move [Sam L Sessions]
08.Solomun - Deadman
09.Quarion - The Workout
10.Armando/Johnny Fiasco
11.Chymera - Wish [Will Saul. Tam Cooper]
12.Thomas Schumacher - Pink Boots
13.Akabu - The Future [Jimpster]
14.Milton Jackson - Ghosts In My Machines
15.Rozzo - I Wish I Was A Cat
16.Kenny Dope - Watch This
17.Milton Jackson - Prototypes
19.After Tea - A Most Beautiful Day
20.HOSH - Steppenwolf [Jerome Sydenham]
21.Alex Under - Untitled2
22.G Riedatz - Mode
23.Len Faki - My Black Sheep [LB Dub Corp]
24.Radioslave - Grindhouse Tool
25.Martin Landsky - Rugged
Milton Jackson @ K4 Ljubljana Slovenija 30-Apr-2008
Milton Jackson
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