Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sharon Schael - Special 2 Hours Happy B-day Set 08.10.08

Sharon Schael - Special 2 Hours Happy B-day Set 08.10.08 2008-10-14



Sharon Schael's Two Hour Birthday Set Review
by The Soundman a.k.a. Luis Vegas

In the first seconds of this brand new set from this always innovative artist, you can realize the outstanding selection of elegant and above intelligent choices Sharon makes every time she spins. This time she managed to amaze with downtempo minimal techno and with an jazzy twist to it, vocals and some reggae-like melodies in the beginning, then as time progresses she dazzles you with serious dark and beatfull music!

Her technique in my personal opinion has evolved into practical perfection, but the real deal here, is her out of this world choice of tracks. In two hours of purely smart music that really takes you on a blistfull long lasting trip into the universe of style and perfect rhythmic sounds... that only Sharon can so beautifully do.

I made my review short this time, cause words cannot describe the beauty of Sharon Schael's craft behind the turntables and specially in her music selection.

Just tap into and let this truly amazing artist hypnotize you like not many have done before...
Sharon Schael
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