Monday, September 16, 2013

Nomadico LiveOnKSPCFM 08102013

Nomadico guest DJ set on Alvaro Parra's "Good Life Radio". Recorded live on KSPC 88.7FM August 10, 2013. The mix features heavy summer 2013 anthems along with new tracks from the "Yaxteq" ep. 01. Robert Hood "Black Technician" Mad Mike Remix 02. David Alvarado "Ysleta" 03. Moko's Vibe "Madness" 04. Different World "Belle Isle" 05. Nomadico "Yaxche feat. Naheedence" 06. 69 "Pois Et Pas" ROD Remix 07. Nomadico "Rooted" 08. Orland Voorn "Fruitflies" 09. Argy "Indulgence" 10. DJ Gregory "Head Talking" 11. I:Cube "Y.O.U.R.O.C.K" 12. Esteban Adame "Here First" 13. Shawn Rudiman "Uplink!" 14. Serge & Tyrell "House Countdown" EPS Deng't mix 15. Floorplan "Change"
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